Stress related health challenges in space: How can countermeasure research contribute to space exploration and health on Earth?

This workshop  in March 2017 is conducted on behalf of the European Space Agency´s (ESA) Topical Team "Stress & Immunity". This workshop is science driven and is majorly supported by the grant awarded by ESA. Its key features build up on the first workshop meeting that was organized by this ESA TT in Munich/Germany in 2012 and now seeks to deepen in plenary and splinter sessions the understanding and insight into the interactions of the different organ systems affected when the human body is subjected to stressor like in space.    
    It aims to re-evaluate and to discuss the most relevant key issues, opportunities, limits and very new approaches for setting-up innovative countermeasures. Immune problems and countermeasures are addressed in a “holistic” context since they are interlinked with effects on other organs or with the countermeasures directed to other organs´ dysfunctions, respectively. Moreover the impact of space life conditions on ageing/gender dependent stress adaptation processes and immune dysfunctional states are discussed in a translational approach, also referring to resilience research.